Five  minutes out of Salida and Aaron has a flat. It's not all roses here! But actually, it was a quick fix. Not sure if we wrote about this, but back in Silver City we invested in SLIME TUBES. I for one NEVER thought I would willingly go near a slime tube, but out here with the thorns, they really work well.
A storm's a brewin'. The rain is really needed. We heard that snow pack levels were only 10% what they usually are.
We stumbled upon these baby robins (3 are in there) on top of some mountain somewhere... pretty darn cute.
Pretty typical of the Colorado Mountains. Here we have a high elevation basin surrounded by mountains. Really pretty and also hot. Not much shade, except from passing clouds!
Campsite for the night: Cow Pasture somewhere south of Como, CO.
Checkin' out the map before heading up to Boreas Pass. Last night we camped next to a B & B run by a British fellow. Delicious Cake and Pie were had.
Top of the Climb...or THIS climb. Never a dull moment on this route. We encountered no bicyclists on the way up, but the way down was a different story. The tourist town of Breckinridge was hoppin',with cyclists of all ages riding to the top of the pass.
Nice Osprey nest outside of Silverthorne. Later we saw an Osprey feeding a fresh fish to it's young. YAY!!!!
Our first stab at pancakes. No Spatula...Somehow it worked. The Blueberries held it all together. Delta Blue Blueberries from Stockton, CA. Mary and Marion will recognize those! FYI, we picked up a spatula today. A clerk who helped us pick one out after Aaron and I debated which spatula was lighter. The clerk compared them saying "THIS on is OBVIOUSLY lighter". Smart Kid.
Climbing over Ute Pass. The Topographical map for this hill looked insane, but it ended up being OK. Nice view of the Rockies in the background.
Dan the Racer. Feelin' tired today but stickin' with it. These guys are insane.
These creatures...Alpaca maybe? Anyone know?
No Problem.
Hardest climb of the route so far. We camped by the Colorado River last night and then climbed 3000 feet out of this valley. Very Steep. By 5 pm we had biked 20 miles and had to call it quits as a rain storm rolled through.
There are tons of dead pine trees in Colorado. The result of the infestation of a pine bark beetle. Almost half the pine trees we saw in Summit and Grand Counties were dead.
Aaron's nice White Industries Bottom Bracket started creaking two days ago and today it exploded. The Bottom Bracket it THE HEART of the bike. You can't pedal without it. We were luckily on a paved road and hitched a ride with Dave (THANK YOU!) 20 miles to Steamboat Springs. A bike shop installed a new BB and we are rollin' again
Thanks Georgia! The Rice Krispies made it! SOO GOOD. You are now blessed with 7 years good luck. Keep that in mind everyone. Good Luck can be earned by mailin letters and sweets. Thanks too to Marie, Elaina, Sophie, and Mary AND Marion for sending wonderful things.
7/4/2012 07:55:33 am

You are doing great and looking good! Are you going to post new mailing points when you get out of Colorado? I am really enjoying your pictures and your stories. What an adventure! Take care and keep on looking for things to see--I loved the nest with the birds and the pancakes in the skillet. Keep on having a great ride. Marie

7/9/2012 08:18:22 am

Those are definitely alpacas. I love all the wildlife you guys are coming across on your trip. Also, can't wait to hear more about the Tupac article! Keep up the good work!

5/2/2013 09:44:55 pm

If you have any interest in mountain climbing and bicycling then Salida and Aron is a best choice for you. Most of the pathways are uneven with large upps and downs make the riding more adventurous. Thank you for the pictures!


Thanks for the nice blog. It was very useful for me. Keep sharing such ideas in the future as well


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