After our fifth continental divide crossing so far it was all down hill through this beautiful canyon into Grants, NM
On our way back out from our camp site we noticed a set of tracks right on top of our tracks. Yeah! That's a bear. Good thing we hung our food.
Share the road
Aaron rides over an old Lava Flow in the El Malpais Conservation area. Rugged terrain and very beautiful. Dont get burned, Aaron.
The  stretch from Pie Town, NM to Grants, NM has very little water. Though we stocked up before we left Pie Town, it would be nice to get more. Our map says there is water at a windmill on the way. Little did we know there would be a Donkey guarding it. Aaron tries a second pass at sneaking to the water hole and evading the Donkey's clutches.
Some nice old cabins and churches along the route.
We're on the dirt and we are really excited.
6/12/2012 12:38:27 pm

Hey you 2. Love your photos! Have a safe and fun trip, Love,
Sunny and Peanut

6/13/2012 06:54:04 am

Those bear tracks are huge!

6/13/2012 04:44:24 pm

Great pictures and words. I just sent a little package to Slater, CO thinking you might be further. Looks like there is still time to send something to Steamboat. Nice to hear from you. Keep on truckin'
Love, Mom

6/16/2012 06:20:01 am

I am so excited for you guys and I am glad you are enjoying your trip! It all looks awesome! Makes me want to hop on my bike again....!
Keep those photos and stories coming!!! Lots of love and great adventures!!

6/17/2012 02:59:00 pm

Stef and Aaron are my current inspiration! Oh, wonderful things.

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