Chip, the great divide racer, had told us about The Toaster House in Pie Town, NM. It's an amazing house that anyone hiking the Continental Divide Trail, or biking the GDMBR can stay at for free. With pizza, ice cream, showers, kittens...amazing. Thanks to Nita for makign this place happen.
Aaron finds a stick-bug outside of the magical Toaster House in Pie Town, NM.
On the way to Glenwood, as we sat in some shade, a pick-up pulled over. The gentleman driving finished listening to his song and then gently laughed. Green was his name. His wife owns the Super Salve Company that operates out of Mogollon, NM. He gave us the whole productline! We look good. Oh Yes. We look good
We begin to  see the smoke from the Gila Fires, South of Glenwood. Not looking Good.
Hanging out with William and Chip in Silver City, NM. William is an adventure cycling trail angel, letting us shower up and rest before heading north to evade the fires. So far the smoke has not been too bad. On the left is Chip, a great divide racer. He will be leaving from Antelope Wells, NM at the border on Friday the 8th to start the race. The racer's typically do about 100-150 miles per day and finish the route in 20 or more days. INSANE!!!!!
At the Silver City Co-op, we gather supplies, including Kale from Route 1 in Santa Cruz! Long way from home.
Copper Pit Mine outside of Silver City, NM. One of many.
We made it to Hanover, outside of Silver City. It was a really hard climb, but there was some fun coasting on the way. Dave fed us gobs of pizza and pie and in the monring, breakfast burros. We parted ways, but not perhaps for the last time.
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Yee haw! Aaron, don't let the Gila fires singe your beard! The riding looks awesome!

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