Sarah D. led us on an awesome hike around Reynolds Mountain. Though we didn't make it to the top, the views were still pretty epic.
It's amazing after biking 2700 miles, to find that your hiking muscles are atrophied and weak. And yet, the hike was still awesome and we boot skiied alongside a mountain goat.
This little guy appeared behind us and then sledded down the hill while callin' out. pretty nice!!!
8/11/2012 02:01:59

That looks like the "Going to the Sun" road in the distance!!! WOW, Glacier is such a beautiful place. So glad you made it Stef. You are awesome! I love the photos with you wearing skirts especially.

4/28/2013 19:51:13

The trekking program that you conducted on glacier national park was very impressive. The place that you choose for the program was excellent. The place is actually ‘the end of the line’. The photos that you given are incredible. Thank you.

10/6/2013 02:18:12

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